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Week of October 31, 2005
MON: OpenOffice, the free office suite, now includes a database program
TUE: A Japanese firm creates a shape-changing inflatable robot
WED: Instant TV for Notebooks creates a laptop TiVo
THU: matches those who have stuff to spare with those who need it
FRI: Realtime Landscaping provides desktop garden design

Week of October 17, 2005
MON: makes it easy for small companies to maintain their own web sites
TUE: The Find A Human cheat sheet navigates corporate voice menus easily
WED: Phones that make calling easier for the disabled
THU: The Acura R-L includes collision-avoidance technology
FRI: ReadyWhenUR is a remote-control tea kettle that you control with a cell phone

Week of October 10, 2005
MON: The Digital Hotspotter is a divining rod for available wireless networks
TUE: Using surplus displays, and an old computer, Ryan Hoagland now has a home with a view
WED: Last chance to get the iGesture pad, as its creator goes bankrupt
THU: Lulu, an online vanity press, will print your rejection letters on rolls of toilet paper
FRI: Oakley's latest sunglasses double as a hands-free cell-phone headset

Week of October 3, 2005
MON: offers brush up courses for parents struggling to help their kids with homework
TUE: RespiSense uses a tiny motor to stimulate breathing in infants at risk for SIDS
WED: L3 Systems' new keyboard is less than six inches wide, and straps onto your wrist
THU: New hi-tech parking meters take electronic payments, and reset themselves when you pull out
FRI: It's a mouse and a trackball all in one

Week of September 26, 2005
MON: Toshiba develops battery-free MP3 players that run on methanol
TUE: "Kaleidescape" creates your own DVD jukebox
WED: "LivingTime" - a software package that allows you to organize a diary of your life
THU: The PowerSquid makes it easy to plug in bulky power supplies without blocking outlets
FRI: Watch out -- a free long distance service called AdCalls puts your friends on a telemarketing list

Week of September 19, 2005
MON: The Laptop Desk is a new device thatís sort of like a TV tray for your computer
TUE: The Air Scooter could give wings to the masses
WED: TwinHead's DuraBook is a ruggedized laptop designed to be lighter than military versions
THU: ZoomInfo is a search engine that specializes in biographical information
FRI: Cell Phone coverage maps: Best - T-Mobile.   Fair - Verizon.   Primitive:  Sprint

Week of September 12, 2005
MON: AAA's online gas price tool estimates the cost of the trip before you even hit the highway
TUE: The Stress Eraser is a pager-size device designed to lead you through a series of breathing exercises
WED: Internet-ready light bulbs that alert you when they burn out
THU: Vizoo creates holographic ads for grocery stores
FRI: Pen-size computers:  LeapFrog's "Fly" / Logitech's io2

Week of September 5, 2005
MON: The Swiss Institute for Artificial Intelligence proposes an IQ test for software
TUE: Google's Talk service is an open instant message system that will message anyone
WED: SpyXposer from PandaSoftware is updated daily detect spyware
THU: Synergy2 lets you control two computers from one keyboard, regardless of operating system
FRI: RecoveryPC can undo the damage from a crash, even if your computer can't boot

Week of  August 29, 2005
MON: The Jerk-O-Meter can tell you if the party you're calling really cares about what you're saying
TUE: Lights that stay on -- without battery backup -- even when the power goes off
WED: A scanner that recognizes the breath scents emitted by disease
THU: helps you take advantage of airlines' "flash" ticket sales
FRI: Instead of raising their hands, students can no click in

Week of  August 22, 2005
MON: Cybernet's new software allows you to control your computer using only your face
TUE: Replacing office windows with artificial sunlight
WED: SHARK (Shorthand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding) can key in 60 words a minute without a keyboard
THU: Chitika turns banner ads into personal shopping assistants
FRI: SmartWear launches a line of kids' pajamas with RFID locator tags sewn into them

Week of  August 15, 2005
MON: Sharp's new monitor allows two people see different content on the same screen at the same time
TUE: Hitachi introduces a mirror that doubles as a computer display
WED: Pledge Bank helps you get on-line support for quitting smoking, giving blood, losing weight and other worthy goals
THU: Home Heartbeat uses a network of sensors to check whether or not the coffee pot is still on
FRI: Fontifer allows you to create a True-Type font of your own handwriting

Week of  August 8, 2005
MON: Intelís hot spot finder lists more than 28,000 Internet access points throughout the U-S
TUE: Wide-Ray tests a new service sends movie previews directly to Bluetooth-equipped cell phones
WED: The Ion Kids system electronically monitors the whereabouts of up to four children
THU: The On Time/Payment Protection System forces you to make your car payments on time
FRI: Project Ooz is a zoo that lets visitors control mechanical animals which interact with real animals

Week of  August 1, 2005
MON: Boeing's "Connexion" in-flight internet service wins praise from business travelers
TUE: Mile-High bloggers can now do it in-flight -- more samples
WED: Fujitsu demos a bendable, nearly paper-thin screen that works a lot like paper
THU: A Japanese ATM machine that plays like the slots
FRI: Rick Rashid of Microsoft Research says teaching kids about gaming can create tomorrow's geniuses

Week of  July 25, 2005
MON: Nissan develops a rear-view camera system that eliminates blind spots
TUE: "Google Earth" lets you zoom in on actual aerial photographs of cities
WED: A new in-car navigation system would connect to your personal address book and daily calendar
THU: Getting over internet addiction
FRI: Zenph Studios can analyze old piano recordings and perfectly transcribe every note

Week of  July 18, 2005
MON: Samsung considers a technology that will allow you recall ill-advised text messages
TUE: HumanWare develops a portable computer with a Braille display
WED: Finnish researchers program camera-phones to scan bar codes of food products as a diet aid
THU: Sohgo Security builds robotic guards able to recognize people 150 feet away even at night
FRI: The Sunlight Desktop uses fiber optic wires to bring natural sunlight to your workspace

Week of  July 11, 2005
MON: NEC develops a disposable cell phone made largely out of corn
TUE: Paymint Inc. of Canadian lets you pay for parking space using your cell phone
WED: Soldius' "Maximum Solar Power Tracking" lets you recharge your batteries anywhere you can find direct sunlight
THU: The Mobile Plate Hunter uses two infrared cameras mounted on a police car to check 800 license plates an hour
FRI: BookKey is a browser add-on that insures you will never lose a bookmark

Week of  July 4, 2005
MON: Compro Technology introduces a new TV tuner that plugs into your computer's USB slot
TUE: Dialogue's super-small "Flybook" laptops measure 9 by 6, including keyboard
WED: The Health and Foodstuff Adviser is a robot that infrared beams to examine your food
THU: A computer that monitors your workload to determine if you're making enough time for your friends
FRI: Brother develops a super-fast ink-jet that can print three pages per second

Week of  June 27, 2005
MON: Intel sets a 2008 goal for laptop computers that can run for 8 hours on a single charge
TUE: CVS/Pharmacy is introducing disposable digital video recorders
WED: The Olympus always-on video display lets you check any mobile device without actually looking at it
THU: Japanese university researchers develop HAL-5, a robotic suit that can give anyone super-human strength
FRI: Mixed Reality Lab's human version of Pac-Man uses goggles to send you chasing ghosts around your neighborhood

Week of  June 20, 2005
MON: The Kinniku Mouse comes with electrodes that can give your out-of-shape muscles a little shock
TUE: I-O Display's goggles make you feel as if you are watching a 76-inch TV
WED: Delicious Library is an application for the Apple Macintosh that can survey and file everything you own
THU: One of Japan's largest karaoke parlors can send the video of any performance to your cell phone
FRI: is an online directory of free, wireless high-speed access points

Week of  June 13, 2005
MON: A home control system from Eneo Labs uses cell phone text messaging
TUE: Yahoo tests a search engine designed to organize results by category
WED: Plasma and Ion Beam design a new type of speaker made of a thin plastic film
THU: Georgia State University studies virtual reality to treat stage fright
FRI: Cornell University develops a simple robot that can reproduce

Week of  June 6, 2005
MON: Roomba's robot cousin, Scooba, not only vacuums, but washes and dries wood, tile and linoleum floors
TUE: MyFoodPhone uses your camera phone to take pictures of every meal, keeping you true to your diet
WED: CipherTrust develops a Zombie Meter to keep track of computer-napping viruses called "zombies"
THU: iHealthRecord allows you to create your own medical file online
FRI: Finis announces the he SwimP3, an MP3 player for watersports

Week of  May 30, 2005
MON: First in Asia, then here:  mobile phones that double as TVs
TUE: Panda Software's TruPrevent technology is designed to detect new viruses without regular updates
WED: Omron's office productivity system uses radio-frequency tags to track employees
THU: Needies -- potentially annoying successor to the Virtual Pet
FRI: A laptop bag that unfolds into a usable work area

Week of  May 23, 2005
MON: Google's WebAccelerator speeds up text downloads
TUE: A washing machine called Your Turn forces men to help with the laundry
WED: Flirting via Blackberry
THU: Surviving PC Disasters, Mishaps, and Blunders
FRI: A wireless system that allows you to pet a chicken via the Internet

Week of  May 16, 2005
MON: Surfing the web without leaving a trace
TUE: ITsafe provides free information on the latest virus threats
WED: Sonaptic creates surround sound using only two speakers, with possible applications to cell phones
THU: Panasonic says its new Oxyride batteries will keep digital cameras operating longer
FRI: Ghost Radar plugs into your computerís USB port and monitors for the presence ...of ghosts

Week of  May 9, 2005
MON: A new study suggests ubiquitous connectivity may be making us stupid
TUE: A new federal web site lets you compare hospitals
WED: A Swiss company develops a robotic jockey called "Kamel" expressly designed for camel races
THU: DocuSign allows you to sign documents online quickly and securely
FRI: will search Yahoo and Google simultaneously

Week of  May 2, 2005
MON: VinoVenue uses computer-controlled dispensing machines and pre-paid smart cards to automate  wine-tasting
TUE: Clocky -- the hi-tech alarm clock that plays hide and seek
WED: The "thinking carpet" has special sensors to detect temperature and movement
THU: "Audio cloud" technology will allow you to control mobile devices by gesturing
FRI: Toshiba develops a battery that can recharge in about one minute

Week of  April 25, 2005
MON: AffectiveMedia develops an early-warning system for road rage by sensing the driver's mood
TUE: Cinecopia -- a DVD trading service with no late fees
WED: AOL is launching what it calls Internet Phone Service
THU: Microsoftís Tbox connects mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, and other device on the road
FRI: PhotoLeap shrinks e-mailed photos to a manageable size

Week of  April 18, 2005
MON: Google's RideFinder uses global positioning technology to find the nearest cab
TUE: lets you call outer space for about four dollars per minute
WED: Dropload is a free service that lets you share large files easily
THU: Exinda Networks is developing ways to bill employees for their internet use
FRI: Microsoft develops a photo download system for cellphones

Week of  April 11, 2005
MON: A new service from AOL gives parents control over teen blogs
TUE: Microsoft develops a new service that protects credit card numbers during on-line transactions
WED: PezMP3 is an MP3 player built into a Pez dispenser
THU: IBM's "Millipede" storage system would pack 600-thousand digital camera images onto a postage stamp chip
FRI: Bluetooth technology finds a role in bovine management

Week of  April 4, 2005
MON: Microsoft's LifeBrowser organizes files by linking them to events in your life
TUE: Cornell University researchers develop maps for the blind
WED: A University of California researcher discovers a technique for tracking your computer's unique electronic fingerprint
THU: A new anti-theft cell phone requires you to photograph yourself before making a call
FRI: More than 80 percent of parents surveyed say their teens are not careful enough online. And the teens agree!

Week of  March 28, 2005
MON: Microsoft's experimental PhotoPie can categorize your photos and create slide shows
TUE: I/O Magic's surround sound headphones give you a theater experience without bothering your neighbor
WED: Toshiba's Ubiquitous Viewer lets you control your home or office computer through your mobile phone
THU: The Absolute Software laptop security system constantly reports its whereabouts every time itís online
FRI: A free browser plug-in called Browster builds miniature images of retrieved pages

Week of  March 21, 2005
MON: Microsoft develops digital wallpaper... a giant wall of computer monitors, all powered by one machine
TUE: A study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project advises using more than one search engine
WED: The SleepTracker is an alarm clock that senses when you've had sufficient REM sleep
THU: The "Everio" from JVC combines a camcorder with a still camera
FRI: A prototype overcoat covered in electrostatically-charged fur automatically shocks people who get too close

Week of  March 14, 2005
MON: Netscape and Opera's new web browsers help protect your identity online
TUE: BookLocker is a tiny portable computer drive designed to hold electronic copies of textbook
WED: ReturnPath lets you take your old e-mail address with you, for a fee
THU: How to make good photo prints at home
FRI: A mannequin from Flower Robotics attempts to attract shoppers attention and also spies on them

Week of  March 7, 2005
MON: Sprint and Epson introduce an online service that lets you make prints from your Sprint camera phone
TUE: AOL Local Search lets you search for restaurants and movie theaters based on how close you are to them
WED: An SAT study service from Vocel will load 200 questions into a cell phone, and administer a timed exam
THU: Macrovision's new copy-protection technology foils DVD pirates
FRI: A Swiss company's automated banking service has evolved into a virtual girlfriend who will chat with you for six dollars a month

Week of  February 28, 2005
MON: Canon's new hi-resolution digital camera is designed for amateur astronomers
TUE: Better Business Bureau finds that only 11 percent of identity theft cases are due to Internet theft
WED: The Virtual Laser Keyboard lets you type wherever you can find a flat surface
THU: In Berlin, a robot called "Outerspace" -- inspired by insects -- learns to respond to touch
FRI: NTT Communications is testing a method for transmitting SMELLS by internet

Week of  February 21, 2005
MON: Your car could soon need protection from computer viruses
TUE: A New York car restoration company installs MiniMacs into classic cars
WED: Security concerns drive some users from Microsoft's Explorer browser to Firefox
THU: SideWinder cranks emergency electricity into you mobile phone
FRI: SIMpill monitors prescription pills to control dosage

Week of  February 14, 2005
MON: Tax prep software
TUE: Tax prep software
WED: A-9's drive-by Yellow Pages let you see a business before you visit
THU: Cingular Wireless brings TV on demand to your mobile phone
FRI: Ciphire Mail can thwart e-mail spies

Week of  February 7, 2005
MON: Google tests a service that searches the text of selected national broadcasts within hours of air time
TUE: The National Cristina Foundation puts old computers in the hands of at-risk students or people with disabilities
WED: MapQuest make it easier to send driving directions and color maps to wireless phones
THU: StreamLoad's online storage center gives you ten gigabytes of your own space for free, with one catch
FRI: Hewlett Packard files a patent for a remote control that will prevent people with camera phones from taking your picture

Week of  January 31, 2005
MON: Google releases the latest version of its Picasa digital imaging software
TUE: Samsung's new mobile phone will eliminate the need for buttons
WED: posts the latest spam stats
THU: MIT develops a voice mail system that can automatically prioritize messages
FRI: Motorola and Burton develop a new snowboard helmet that doubles as a wireless phone

Week of  January 24, 2005
MON: Yahoo unveils  its own program for finding lost files on your hard drive
TUE: Brother Corporation unveils a new sewing machine that can embroider digital images directly onto your clothing
WED: Hitachi cuts the size of its tiniest hard drive by 20 percent, and soon your mobile phone will have one
THU: JVC uses corn starch to manufacture environmentally-sensitive DVDs
FRI: A team of scientists in South Korea claims to have developed the worldís smartest robot

Week of January 17, 2005
MON: Pioneer and Clarion unveil i-pod adapters for the car
TUE: A Japanese company develops an "invisible fence" for laptop security
WED:Microsoft unveils its Windows "anti-spyware"tool
THU: "VisitorVille" documents what employees do on-line
FRI: Thanko, Inc. develops a device that uses your computer to keep your coffee warm

Week of  January 10, 2005
MON: A Spanish company designs a car powered by compressed air
TUE: ClearSky Mobile Media delivers real estate information through text messaging
WED:LA Police test a new system to identify criminal suspects by examining only their faces
THU: Go's recharging system is intended to work with almost any device
FRI: Honda's new robot, Asimo, can keep its balance and even run

Week of  January 3, 2005
MON:A new search engine called PubSub tracks subjects and alerts you when they're mentioned introduces 60's-style cell phones
WED:The ATOM SpeedPad is a backup laptop battery housed in an aluminum mouse pad
THU:Philips new flat-screen TV includes built-in ambient light for the viewing room
FRI: Researchers at the University of Warwick work to develop a biodegradable cell phone

Week of December 27, 2004
MON:The See Anywhere, Map Anywhere system will give you access to satellite images of Earth
TUE:Canadian researcher figures out a way to let you move the cursor with your nose
WED:SunWize's "portable energy system" uses a solar panel to recharge most portable electronics
THU:SanDisk's "Photo Album" is out with a new device that lets you show off your pictures on your TV screen
FRI: A new injection system uses a camera, computer and projector to help the nurse find those elusive veins

Week of December 20, 2004 creates online publications that look like the real thing
TUE:Ben Edelman can prevent your computer from automatically loading spyware
WED:The Swiss Army knife goes high-tech
THU:MIT's SmartPhone monitors your phone use and dispenses career-saving advice
FRI:Texas Instruments creates an accurate battery monitor

Week of December 13, 2004 Calendar Contest: pictures from remote-control airplanes.
TUE:Computers that do taste tests.
WED:Your car may be able to help you drive more safely
THU:Google introduces a search engine for scholars
FRI:A screensaver that fights spam?? Lycos fignts spam with spam.

Week of December 6, 2004                                                              Return to TOP
MON:Be aware of this trojan horse that will cripple your cell phone
TUE:Did the artist have help?  Consider the field of art forensics.
WED:Artists originally from robots
THU:Changing the ring...from the caller's point of view
FRI:"Spotlighting" the task at hand to save energy on handheld PCs

Week of November 29, 2004
MON:Finally! It's about time for
TUE:Instant Movie Make makes interesting and thus rewatchable home videos
WED:Konfabulator for Microsoft Windows
THU:Helping the blind to cross the street
FRI:Adesso creates the computer for the germophobe!

Week of November 22, 2004
MON:See pictures from space!
TUE:Keep sensitive information secure
WED:Fix your own Apple, without the customer service dept.
THU:A large mobile phone, shoots video, captures still shots...
FRI:The "black box" in your motor vehicle

Week of November 15, 2004
TUE:Virtual PC on your Apple Macintosh
WED:Disputing your traffic ticket online
THU:Sunglasses with the built-in MP3 from Oakley resembles a combination lock to enter your passwords safely online

Week of November 8, 2004
MON:Printing photos from your phone
TUE:Your own system mechanic...for the computer
WED:NEC in Japan presents an electronic translator (PDF document)
THU:Teaching Windows via models:!

Week of November 1, 2004                                                        Return to TOP
MON:Newer smarter search engines
TUE:Better brightness from camera phones
WED:Understand those barks!
THU:CleanMyPC declutters the desktop and files
FRI:Grocery stores evolve, always selling you more

Week of October 25, 2004
MON:Disposable cameras go digital
TUE:Google on your desktop
WED:Spam and spit!
THU:No more dropped calls with the Freedom Antenna
FRI:The virtual traffic cop pledges to improve safety on the road

Week of October 18, 2004
MON:JVC: making high quality movies
TUE:Choice Mail uses your personal e-mail address book to fight spam
WED:Hasards to wireless networks and cellular phones?
THU:Retouching those digital photos with free software: Picasa
FRI:Clutsy search engine categorizes your search results

Week of October 11, 2004 comes out with their latest product: a search engine.
TUE:Preview: Monitoring what your kids see on the computer while you are out
WED:"I'll be out of the office": trancking employees who leave the cubicle palm pilots and televisions all controlled with one handheld
FRI:CMU & MIT collaborate on a new lighter-than-water robot

Week of October 4, 2004                                                                                                Return to TOP
MON:The WB network previewed its new shows online
TUE:Instant messaging through a new AT&T wireless device makes a board game for the ultimate movie buffs
THU:Don't deprive your best friend from a cell phone: your dog
FRI:Checked in via text message?  You're flying FinnAir

Week of September 27, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON:Use your cell phone as your credit card
TUE:EcoBot Two eats flies to generate electricity
WED:The old Atari games can be played again without switching the cartridges
THU:Continental Airlines and its frequent flyer miles -- see when they're redeemable online
FRI:Internet via satellite by

Week of September 20, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON:Roboform remembers your passwords and keeps them safe
TUE:Move your cows without a cattle rancher: invisible fences for bovines releases the three-dimensional printer
THU:The new Blu-Ray DVD is recyclable
FRI:Little mice for little hands:

Week of September 13, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON:Upcoming savings on practically essential technology... cell phones and laptops
TUE:Onstar technology can help you in a motor vehicle crash
WED:Cooking what you're likely to order before you order
THU:Fuji film and its bigger, faster computer DVDs
FRI:Have an "automatic" home

Week of September 6, 2004 with Kevin Ebi                           Return to TOP
MON:Get up and move while playing video games
TUE:Computers monitor for quality assurance
WED:IBM's Veggie Vision: digital camera identifies your produce flash "fast" technology
FRI:Read about Internet at the speed of light

Week of August 30, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON: Flaws in BlueTooth technology
TUE:Could your credit card number be searchable on line with Google?
WED:Problems with Internet phone service
THU:Putting your personal photos on your stamps
FRI:Continuing the fight against spam;

Week of August 23, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON: The iRiver PMP-100 can store up to 150 hours of video
TUE: Tripod Data Systems' ruggedized line of handheld computers
WED: Turning your iPod into a boom box
THU: Stanford researchers design a foolproof password-protection system
FRI: American Power Corporation's travel bags make computer recharging easy

Week of August 16, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON: German company's project delivers movie theater-like surround-sound
TUE: MP3RUN plays your music & manages your workout
WED: Powering your laptop with fuel
THU: Surf the Internet with iRider
FRI: Reading online material without entering your personal information

Week of August 9, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON: Hyper-sonic sound coming soon
TUE: How easy is web design?
WED: Medical research while you (don't) wait
THU: Stopzilla blocks most pop-up ads
FRI: Read about the hotel room that is a vacation in itself.

Week of August 2, 2004 with Kevin Ebi                                       Return to TOP
MON: E-mail no longer secret
TUE: Maps as they should be viewed
WED: "Bill Me Later" feature used by online merchants
THU: Get your files back with File Rescue
FRI: The world's largest encyclopedia

Week of July 26, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON:. .TiVo-style video on any computer
TUE:...WiFi seeker makes it easy to find wireless internet service
WED:...On line banks improve their services
THU:....Americans are still confused by tech terms
FRI:....VoxProxy adds animated effects to presentations
Week of July 19, 2004 with Kevin Ebi
MON:..The cops use TiVo-style technology to catch crooks
TUE:...nTracker from SyNET allows stolen computers to secretly phone home
WED:...Most business make poor use of on line customer communication
THU:....University of Washington researchers investigate the use of virtual reality to ease pain
FRI:....Cell phone manufacturers investigate solar power
Week of July 12, 2004
MON:..Adidas develops a computer-controlled running shoe
TUE:..."Ben's Game" -- a free video game that helps kids cope with cancer
WED:...Should you use a non-Microsoft browser to protect against worm attacks?
THU:....Automating the on line auction process
FRI:....Samsung's v450 phone doubles as a de-facto Game Boy
Week of July 5, 2004                                                               Return to TOP
MON:..Localizing internet ads
TUE:...Kodak's new digital print kiosks
WED:..."War drivers" check digital security
THU:....Sun's Project Looking Glass is a 3-D operating system
FRI:....The excuse and alibi club

Week of June 28, 2004
MON:..Sender ID could end e-mail anonymity
TUE:...The Cyber Angel locates stolen laptops helps find pet-friendly accommodations
THU:....The Cabir virus is a computer worm that targets certain cell phones
FRI:....The AAA launches
Week of June 21, 2004
MON:..Memorex introduces high-capacity double-layer DVDs
TUE:...Research shows doctors slowly moving on-line
WED:...MIT scientists make an energy-producing cell out of spinach
THU:....MailFrontier issues another "phishing" warning
FRI:....GE's new Entry Scan can quickly test for explosive residue at airport checkpoints

Week of June 14, 2004
MON:..The E-Frame from Pacific Digital is a wireless digital picture display
TUE:...AccreditCheck can tell whether your college degree is legit turns CD excerpts into ring tones adds unprintable e-mail -- a web site designed to help teachers discuss the elements of good character
Week of June 7, 2004                                                           Return to TOP
MON:...MP3 Pro packs more audio in less space
TUE:...VoiceSignal's PC Link lets a cell phone recognize spoken contact names
WED:...Essential Security Software lets you control sent e-mail
THU:....Brandeis introduces the on-line spelling bee at
FRI:....Preserving Antique records
Week of May 31, 2004
MON:...The Eye Q system will allow intelligent cruise control
TUE:...The Visikey keyboard has letters you can actually see
WED:...Janome's Memory Craft 300E does computerized embroidery
THU:....Newsweek covers cool new phones
FRI:....Startcop's Mobile wallet
Week of May 24, 2004
MON:...The Linksys Media Link gets music from your computer to your stereo
TUE:...Replay Music is a streaming recorder that creates separate music tracks lists and ranks blog sites
THU:....Infuzer automatically enters information into your scheduler
FRI:....Young computer users still defy copyright law
Week of May 17, 2004
MON:...eFax starts charging for free fax accounts
TUE:...Radio Shack will sell broadband telephony equipment for toll-free calls
WED:...On-line help writing ads for the personals
THU:....Danger, Inc. updates its "hiptop" Wireless Solution
FRI:....Microsoft plans built-in spyware protection in XP
Week of May 10, 2004
MON:...iBIZ introduces its laser virtual keyboard
TUE:...The Sasser virus plants a program called avserve.exe
WED:...Bluesnarfing and Bluejacking may haunt cell phones and PDAs
THU:....Text Monkey cleans up forwarded e-mail plans the Athens of video gaming
Week of May 3, 2004                                               Return to TOP

MON:...Microsoft's Universal Pen
TUE:...InPhase Technologies unveils bottomless holographic data storage claims a victory over touch screen voting machines
THU:....The Calorie Cruncher looks up the content of fast foods. has a free calorie index
FRI:....The Websense Web@Work survey finds a large number of computers infected with spyware
Week of April 26, 2004

MON:...Robosapien - a recreational robot
TUE:...TNO invents a motion sensor to warn of impending car-sickness
WED:...Holosonics prepares to roll out Directional Sound -- private audio without headphones
THU:....ReCellular is ready to recycle and re-use old cell phones
FRI:....Active Recognition Technologies checks on license plates with V-Metrics
Week of April 19, 2004

MON:...The Business Software Alliance tries to change the morals of young software pirates
TUE:...Verified campaigns for paper ballots
WED:...Sanyo's PM-8200 camera phone
THU:....Zip Vision is an electronic ink display device using technology from Gyricon.
FRI:....E-ViEWS develops an intersection warning system for emergency vehicles
Week of April 12, 2004

MON:...Digital processing from FotoNation removes red-eye INSIDE the camera
TUE:...The Political Machine -- a strategy game based on real election stats
WED:...Gurunet is a Google alternative billed as an "answer" engine
THU:....The "Dig-E-Player" provides video on demand for airline passengers
FRI:....The Lane Departure Warning System from Iteris

Week of April 5, 2004                                               Return to TOP
MON:...The University of San Francisco sets up a flash mob supercomputer made up of laptops lets you look up political donors by zip code
WED:...Shell's Home Genie provides home control and monitoring from a web page
THU:....Blue Fire Security advises to watch for cell phone infections
FRI:....Aha-Soft releases its ArtIcons Pro icon designer
Week of March 29, 2004

MON:...Motorola's Integrated Hands-Free Car Phone means you never interrupt a call
TUE:...New internet audio compression schemes; MP3 Pro Demo
WED:...Nielsen's survey on politically-active web users
THU:....ToneSession from turns your phone into a ring tone composer
FRI:....Garmin releases GPS mapping software for sports fishing

Week of March 22, 2004
MON:...The Dymo Desktop label writer makes labels a snap
TUE:...Apple's iTunes reaches another milestone sells souped-up, high-storage TiVos is an e-mail service that lets you retrieve e-mails even AFTER they've been sent
FRI:....Watch out for "phishing": forward bogus e-mails seeking personal information to
Week of March 15, 2004

MON:...Flat-rate phone calling using Packet8
TUE:...The Scripps Clinic designs an electronic knee
WED:...The WiFi detector attaches to a keychain
THU:....New poll figures show college students spend lots of time on-line helps fill your vacation schedule
Week of March 8, 2004

MON:...The DH1 Digital Hub from OMwave plays any media fights spam for $3 a month
WED:...Subject of listener critique: PhotoVu's hi-end digital picture frames
THU:....E-narratives software writes sports items automatically
FRI:....TiVo approaches 1.5 million subscribers

Week of March 1, 2004                                                       Return to TOP provides short-form music videos on your cell phone
TUE:...How to shop for broadband service: CNET's comparison chart
WED:...Casio says the Exilim EX-Z40 won't suck the batteries dry like other digital cameras
THU:....Eye Toy: Groove gives kids (and adults) a reason to exercise integrates Electronic Postmarks into MS Word

Week of February 23, 2004
MON:...The Argus 1700 series: digital cameras under $50
TUE:...The always-connected FlipStart hand-held from Vulcan
WED:...Dialog Clarity Technology makes the home theater dialogue track easier to hear
THU:....MobilEye Vision Technologies brings image recognition to automobiles markets a whisper quiet power supply for PCs

Week of February 16, 2004 has a crisis counselor for customers who've lost their data
TUE:...Luminous Parrot's "Dream In Pictures" photo software in beta testing
WED:...LeapFrog puts academic games into a handheld computer
THU:....PhotoVu sells hi-end digital picture frames using WiFi connections
FRI:....Award-winning medical sites:,

Week of February 9, 2004 sees little effect from the anti-spam act
TUE:...NASA's long-distance computer re-boot
WED:...RSS creates your own desktop wire service
THU:....Delenda is a utility that automatically deletes expired files finds out who's been naughty

Week of February 2, 2004                                                   Return to TOP helps you fight parking tickets on line
TUE:...Pop Up Defender kills pop-up swarms - download page
WED:...MyDoom virus dooms America to more e-mail hell has the used car find YOU
FRI:....The MacNTouch Keyboard (for the Mac G4) senses hand gestures

Week of January 26, 2004
MON:...Gadget Diary -- drugstore thumb drive (Computer Essentials, 32 MB, Walgreen's)
TUE:...Pop-Up ads start to play rough, thanks to Popstitial technology
WED:...Unicast punctuates your surfing with full-motion video
THU:....Evil doers use an Explorer flaw to get your account number
FRI:....Recharge your cell phone anywhere with the Sidewinder

Week of January 19, 2004
MON:...Audiotrieve survey finds spam levels unaffected by new law
TUE:...The Dex Online Pages aren't what we've come to expect in a search service
WED:...Gadget Diary: the Extreme 3 PDA by Royal, addresses on the cheap
THU:....Labels on the Internet from Labels Anywhere and Avery
FRI:....Smart Music provides computerized backup accompaniment for student musicians
Week of January 12, 2004

MON:...The EPSON P-1000 displays digital photos
TUE:...i-O display systems releases the palm-sized Riviera DVR
WED:...Gateway supplies thousands of flat screens to the Wynn Las Vegas resort
THU:....Corrupted files -- send your horror stories to dave @
FRI:...Camera phones with flash from Audiovox

Week of January 5, 2004                                                                       Return to TOP
MON:...Easy Uninstall cleans up unused files
TUE:...N-liter lets you scribble notes on web pages
WED:...The Religion Selector can help you figure out what you believe in
THU:....Alpine Electronics HDA-5460 Media Player
FRI:...D-Link's wireless video phone uses your TV to let you see callers